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Zavda Technologies, LLC was created by those inspired to foster and provide better business technology solutions and recommendations for today's customers facing increasing IT challenges and demands.

Experiences in the company range from hardware and software development to project and program management.  Our employees past performance has been exceptional with both private sector customers and government customers.  Our team plans to build on these experiences and continue to provide our customers with unique and sound solutions.

Our professional experience encompasses business administration, cloud computing, cyber analysis, database administration, web design, telecommunications management, network security, systems administration, network management, R&D, language analysis, acquisitions and procurements, systems engineering, application development, H/W & S/W installations, planning and forecasting, risk management, help desk support, configuration management, testing and troubleshooting, radio and satellite communications, quality management, 24x7 operations support, IT consultations, intelligence analysis, scriptwriting, project and program management.